ChatGPT and AI Hype: Navigating the Impact on Software Careers

I’ve been using ChatGPT for a while now, using it every couple of days for my work and hobby projects. I’m impressed, and I won’t lie, it’s a little intimidating.

I find a ton of posts about ChatGPT and its accolades. It is well-deserved, and it will undoubtedly revolutionize many industries. But I see very few articles talking about what it means for jobs and careers in software.

Maybe they don’t receive enough traction or it’s against the trend/hype, or it’s just too soon to say anything. ChatGPT is just one such technology, getting extra attention because it is magical to have a conversation and get what you want (most of the time). We have numerous technologies in the AI domain and outside AI, especially in Web3.

Some people are going crazy and full of buzz. While some are intimidated by it, others are just sitting passively and waiting for something big to happen before making any decisions. The least we can do is ask ourselves:

  • Is it hype? I think NO
  • Should you panic? I think NO
  • Can you ignore it? Definitely NO
  • Can something be done about it? HELL YEAH!

I’ll share an incident. A friend of mine asked me some queries about Python. It’s been a while since I worked on Python, mainly working on Golang. It was a little embarrassing since I forgot some syntax/keywords. To save time, I turned to ChatGPT. Not only did it answer those queries, but it explained them beautifully. Since then, I’ve tried to relearn and understand parts of code and patterns in programming using ChatGPT.

I’ve come to learn that it’s not something to be afraid of, but rather another tool for revolutionizing the software development experience. It’s a great way to automate easy tasks and leave more creative and complex problems for us. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Developer resumes and Job Descriptions mentioning/demanding experience in ChatGPT/AI tools.

You can ask ChatGPT embarrassing questions (I did) that you otherwise would be shy to ask a person to cover up the knowledge gap. I would encourage more people to try it rather than googling “Will ChatGPT replace programmers?”.

Ask ChatGPT “What are some interview questions on this topic” OR “What are some interview questions on this snippet of code/technology?”.

It may disrupt but also open up new industries. And because it’s not perfect and can make mistakes (it does!), it should potentially open up a lot of security and supervision jobs.

People with a passion for technology should embrace it. I would encourage more people to use it and help make it better. Stay positive, stay resilient, and NGU.

Disclaimer: I’m not an expert in software engineering or AI/ChatGPT. I’m just another programmer trying to make sense and help make sense. If you disagree, I’d love to know your views too.

BTW this post was written by ChatGPT ! HAHA !

Now that’s cool, how awesome is that !


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