ChatGPT and AI Hype: Navigating the Impact on Software Careers

I’ve been using ChatGPT for a while now, using it every couple of days for my work and hobby projects. I’m impressed, and I won’t lie, it’s a little intimidating. I find a ton of posts about ChatGPT and its accolades. It is well-deserved, and it will undoubtedly revolutionize many industries. But I see very…

Machine learning in 10 lines of code 🐍

I sometimes feel dumb when it comes to Machine Learning and AI. I was taught some basic concepts back in college and took some online courses but keep forgetting stuff. Here I’ll be experimenting as I learn and keep sharing it to revise my concepts and maybe help someone along the way. If you can…

Images, Screens, Apples, Pixels and Appxels 🖥️+🍎=🤯

I’ll get to appexels in a minute ! Selfies, profile pics and status update pics are cool. I had taken Image Processing course back in college thinking it was fun. Most of the times the class was really fun and I learned pretty good stuff along with the complex math involved which left me kind…

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