Easily connect to servers, edit code, check logs or database, w or w/o VPN from your smartphone ! Work from ̶ ̶h̶o̶m̶e̶ ̶ mobile 💻🥱📱😀

The OPS guy called. You know it’s a tiny fix but, he’s not authorized to do it. You have to start your laptop, connect VPN, get into the server, yadda yadda.

source – thelabradorsite.com

The manager called afterhours, says something is wrong with a deployment. You need to check the logs or edit a small part of the code. You have to start your laptop, connect VPN, get into the server, sometimes you’re just like 💤

source – wifflegif.com

What if you could do it all from your smartphone?

You can connect to the server with/without your corporate VPN. Run your commands, edit files, check or monitor logs!

source – tenor.com

Let’s set it up!
First, if you need to use your company’s VPN, get the VPN certificate and configure it on your mobile. I’ll demonstrate an example using an OVPN certificate that we use.

Install the open VPN app from the app store.

openvpn app play store

You can add multiple certificates for different VPN connections.

openvpn app certificates/profiles

Tap the + button to add a certificate. You can either import it as a file or from a URL.

openvpn app import certificate

Now you can connect using this VPN which will allow our further steps to access the servers on your corporate network.

tap to connect
successfull connection

To connect to the server and access the resources, you’ll need an ssh client, head over to the app store, and download connect bot app.

connect bot app on play store

It allows you to create multiple sessions across multiple servers and save them as preset.

connect bot app server conn sessions

To add your public key to connect to the server, you can add it to a file and save it on your mobile. In the manage PubKey option, you can import it.

connect bot app – manage public key
connect bot app – add public key

Tap the + button to add a server. You could connect by just configuring the user@hostname and selecting the public key to be used. It provides additional options for authentication, running commands on connection, etc.

Now! this is where it all comes together. 

  1. Connect bot will use your VPN connection 
  2. Using your public key, connect to the server
  3. Create an ssh session.
  4. Start a shell session, post connection.
connect bot app server ssh conn settings

If you’ve configured everything correctly, you should see something like this.

connect bot app connected to server and list directory

Now you can run your commands, edit files, run queries, etc. It provides convenient control buttons like Ctrl, Esc, Tab, Arrow Keys, and a toggle keyboard.

connect bot app – useful keys during shell session
connect bot app – editing files

Once you get the hang of it, you can get some things done real quick!

If you have any questions or issue in connecting, put down in comments. I’ll try to answer them. If you have any suggestions or different ways of doing it, I’d love to know!

Thanks for checking out!